Stay Healthy – Get a flu shot!!

Even if you feel healthy right now, you could be just days away from a crippling bout with the flu. The Center for Disease Control suggests that everyone over the age of 6 months old get vaccinated for the flu. Remember that once you get the flu, you can pass it on to loved ones […]

Fear of Divorce Leads to Lower Marriage Rates

A recent study by University of Central Oklahoma and Cornell University found that a large contributing factor to the decreased marriage rate among couples is the fear of divorce. Of 122 cohabitating couples that were polled, 67% stated that they feared the fallout of a divorce if they were to marry. Particularly for lower-income women, […]

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Finances and Marriage: The Pros and Cons of a Joint Account

When a couple marries, combining finances seems like a logical next step. However, this is not a decision that should be taken lightly. While joint accounts can create further intimacy between a couple, they can also create tension. Merrill Lynch recently conducted a study that included information on marriages and money issues. The study found […]

Small Car Safety Banner

Small Car Safety

Last year in America, automakers sold 17.5 million cars and light trucks. Analysts predict future auto sales should continue to rise through 2016. If you are thinking about purchasing a new car, chances are you are looking for a vehicle that is safe, reliable, gets good gas mileage and is easy on both the eyes […]

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What To KnowWhen you’re in a car acciedent in Salem, OR—Part II

Here’s the conclusion of our two-part series on what to do and what to not do after you’re in a car accident in Salem, Oregon, or anywhere in America. In the first post we left off on tip number four: 5) Take photographs Be sure to capture photographs of any skid marks and get close-up […]

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8Critical StepsInjured

Here is a breakdown of what should do now if you’ve been injured an auto accident: 1. Feeling a little Sore, or a lot? Go to the hospital. Even if you think your injuries aren’t that serious, they could be worse than you think. Getting checked out by a medical professional is a good idea […]

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