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Last year in America, automakers sold 17.5 million cars and light trucks. Analysts predict future auto sales should continue to rise through 2016. If you are thinking about purchasing a new car, chances are you are looking for a vehicle that is safe, reliable, gets good gas mileage and is easy on both the eyes […]

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What To KnowWhen you’re in a car acciedent in Salem, OR—Part II

Here’s the conclusion of our two-part series on what to do and what to not do after you’re in a car accident in Salem, Oregon, or anywhere in America. In the first post we left off on tip number four: 5) Take photographs Be sure to capture photographs of any skid marks and get close-up […]

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8Critical StepsInjured

Here is a breakdown of what should do now if you’ve been injured an auto accident: 1. Feeling a little Sore, or a lot? Go to the hospital. Even if you think your injuries aren’t that serious, they could be worse than you think. Getting checked out by a medical professional is a good idea […]

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