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Keeping Kids Safe in the Passenger Seat

A recent study done by the Center for Disease Control shows that child deaths in motor vehicle accidents has decreased from 2002 to 2011. With this news comes the reminder that even more lives could be saved if parents ensure that their children are properly restrained, even more lives could be saved. In the deaths […]

Child Between Parent Divorce Attorney

Attorneys in Salem, Oregon Guide Clients Through Child Custody Cases

Family law is a very broad field, with lawyers often dealing with situations that forever change the lives of their clients. Cases like adoption, divorce, and child custody center around personal circumstances, and each decision a court makes can greatly affect the future of those involved. One such case in Salem, Oregon demonstrates the intense […]

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Sharing the Road Rage in Portland Oregon

An incident recently in Portland is a reminder to everyone to keep emotions under control while on the road.  A bicyclist was struck by a driver, after the two exchanged hostile words and gestures. The bicyclist claims the driver was texting while driving and almost struck him as a result.  The two then went back […]

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Flashing Headlights as Free Speech

A Jackson County judge recently found that flashing headlights as an warning to other vehicles about an upcoming police officer is protected as free speech. While there is a law that prohibits drivers from using high beam lights in a way that creates a traffic hazard, there is no law preventing drivers from warning other […]

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Personal Injury Attorneys in Salem, Oregon: Seeking Just Compensation

Bicyclists face no small amount of danger on U.S. roadways. According to, crashes involving bicyclists rose from 666 in 2007 to 962 in 2011 within the state alone. While no law yet exists in Oregon that specifically governs the safety of bicyclists, the state’s Department of Transportation nonetheless has a Bicyclist Safety Program in […]

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Domestic Violence in Washington County leads to Attempted Murder Charge

A man has been charged with attempted murder, after he brutally beat and attempted to strangle his girlfriend in a rural part of Washington County. The girlfriend attempted to run at one point, but he dragged her back to the house.  When she attempted to hide in the bathroom, he broke down the door.  He repeatedly […]

Youth in Correctional Facility become Playwrights

At MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility, the young men have been given the opportunity to work with playwright Francesca Piantadosi to create their own plays. Piantadosi offers terms of eight weeks, wherein she assists the young men in drafting their own plays, that are then performed at the end of term by actors. This experience gives […]

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Police handcuff 9-year old; Leads to Questions about Policy

Last year, a nine-year old was taken to the police station in Portland in handcuffs. Once at the police station, she was photographed and fingerprinted before being released to her mother. She was being questioned for Assault in the fourth degree, for being involved in a fight outside the Boys & Girls Club in Portland. […]

Children Dressed Up for Tick-or-Treat

Dangers of Inflatable Bounce Houses

Two children are recovering, after falling two stories when an inflatable house went airborne in South Glen Falls, New York.  The house was lifted fifteen to twenty feet in the air by a large gust of wind.  The bounce house was manufactured by Little Tikes, which is now investigating the accident.     As we enter […]

Country Driving: Cyclists

Another hazard on country roads can be motorcyclists or bicyclists. Both groups enjoy riding on these more deserted roads for the view and peacefulness. For cyclists, watch for groups. If you see one cyclist on the road, you will likely see others ahead. Give them space when passing. For motorcyclists, they may move around within […]

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