Car Accident Attorney

What to do When You’re in a Car Accident in Salem, OR – Part II

Here’s the conclusion of our two-part series on what to do and what to not do after you’re in a car accident in Salem, Oregon, or anywhere in America. In the first post we left off on tip number four: 5)  Take photographs.  Be sure to capture photographs of any skid marks and get close-up […]

Man on Crutches Personal Injury

One of Noted Attorneys in Salem, Oregon Helps Personal Injury Victims

Lance D. Youd, one of the most trusted attorneys in Salem, Oregon, is offering to represent personal injury victims. Having helped countless injured parties and their families fight for their legal rights, he aims to assist clients in the challenges of getting the fair compensation they deserve. He understands that people who have been through […]

After-holiday Safety: Leftovers

In the days following a holiday, there are often many leftovers. It is crucial that leftovers be stored properly and reheated to the right temperature to be safe. Review the website below for tips on how to keep those mashed potatoes safe to eat. -The Law Offices of Lance D. Youd, experienced family law […]

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