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Advice You Need for Your Divorce from an Experienced Divorce Attorney Going through a divorce is one of the most difficult things someone can experience.  It can be a terrible situation for everyone involved.  It often makes a person feel like they are alone. Nearly half of all marriages in the United States end in […]

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7CriticalSteps to Consider in Preparation for a Divorce

(1) Gather important documents. Begin to collect bank records, retirement account information, tax returns, and other important financial information. This information will be important as the divorce proceeds. (2) Evaluate personal property. If you are thinking about a divorce, start thinking about what personal property (books, furniture, etc.) you and your spouse have. If there […]

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Finances and Divorce: How to be Prepared for a Divorce Proceeding

An organized financial situation can help streamline divorce proceedings. For property division and calculations of support, it is important for your attorney to know what your current financial situation is. So, if you are contemplating a divorce, now is the time to organize your finances. You should begin gathering bank statements, tax returns, paystubs, and […]

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