Attorneys in Salem, Oregon Ready to Handle Fracking Injury Lawsuits

Fracking or hydraulic fracturing is to the process of extracting oil and gas from deep within the earth using drillers that pump a mixture of water, sand and chemicals. Since its modernization in 1947, it has been the subject of studies on the operation’s effects on the environment, but it is only now that it […]

Man on Crutches Personal Injury

Achieving Justice with Personal Injury Attorneys in Salem, Oregon

No matter how well or carefully you drive, accidents are part of life on the road, especially in Oregon. An August 5, 2014 article by James Reddick for Oregon Live reports on one such mishap:

Man on Crutches Personal Injury

Noted Attorneys in Salem, Oregon Can Help with Career-Ending Injuries

In the world of competitive professional sports, injuries incurred on the field, whether during training or in an actual match, take a substantial toll on athletes. A serious injury can be the difference between a continuing career as a professional athlete or the prospect of retiring. Such is the predicament Portland Timbers soccer forward Eddie […]

Mother Hugging Son

Child Recovering after Fall at Silver Falls

A ten-year old fell into a ravine in early January, after a railing gave way.  He was hiking at Silver Falls State Park with his family when the incident occurred. He has begun to recover physically from his injuries.  He no longer has to wear a cervical collar and hopes to return to physical education […]

Mother Hugging Son

Keeping Kids Safe in the Passenger Seat

A recent study done by the Center for Disease Control shows that child deaths in motor vehicle accidents has decreased from 2002 to 2011. With this news comes the reminder that even more lives could be saved if parents ensure that their children are properly restrained, even more lives could be saved. In the deaths […]

Child Between Parent Divorce Attorney

Attorneys in Salem, Oregon Guide Clients Through Child Custody Cases

Family law is a very broad field, with lawyers often dealing with situations that forever change the lives of their clients. Cases like adoption, divorce, and child custody center around personal circumstances, and each decision a court makes can greatly affect the future of those involved. One such case in Salem, Oregon demonstrates the intense […]

Oregon Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Attorneys in Salem, Oregon: Seeking Just Compensation

Bicyclists face no small amount of danger on U.S. roadways. According to, crashes involving bicyclists rose from 666 in 2007 to 962 in 2011 within the state alone. While no law yet exists in Oregon that specifically governs the safety of bicyclists, the state’s Department of Transportation nonetheless has a Bicyclist Safety Program in […]

New Taxi Company may be Illegal

A new company called SheTaxis is based in New York City and provides taxi rides to women, by only female drivers. This is to appeal to women who prefer to be driven by a woman for safety or religious concerns. There are questions of the legality of such a service. First is the issue of […]

Personal Injury Attorney Salem Oregon

Two dead in southwest Portland after man kills his ex-wife and himself

A tragic event happened this past weekend in Portland. A man killed his ex-wife in her house, and took their two daughters to his house. He then shot himself in his backyard. This is a reminder to all about the realities of domestic violence. This couple had been divorced for several years, but were continuing […]

Rear Ended Accident Salem

GM Defect Discovered as Cause of Woman’s Death 11 years later

A woman passed away after hitting a tree in her Saturn Ion in 2003.  It was not until this week that her family received the news that her accident was a result of a defect in the vehicle.  The woman’s family had long thought that she must have had a stroke while driving.  However, this […]

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