Country Driving: Farm Equipment and Animals

As you drive on country roads, you likely will come across farm equipment on the road. Know that often the drivers of these pieces of machinery are wearing ear defenders, and thus will not be able to hear that you are behind them. Do not follow too closely, and make sure to plan your over-taking […]

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National Poetry Award Won by Roseburg Inmate

An inmate at Rogue Valley Youth Correctional Facility has won a national poetry award for poetry written by young people in corrections programs. The competition included a one-month class on Poetry. This program is similar to the playwright program we mentioned last month. Both programs offer youths the opportunity to express themselves through writing and […]

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AVVO Rating 10

AVVO is an unbiased rating system used to help potential clients select a lawyer.  They use experience, client reviews, peer reviews, and profile information to rate an attorney on a scale of 1 to 10.  We at the Youd Law Firm are celebrating our Superb 10 Rating.  We are honored to have received generous reviews […]

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Community Court Under Consideration for Eugene

The City of Eugene is considering the creation of a community court for some lower level offenses. Community courts are already in place in Portland, as well as in other cities across the country.  Community courts focus on alternatives to tickets and jail time for some offenses.  These court attempt to focus on the root […]

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Portland Police Use of Force for Individuals With Mental Illness

Public Input Requested on Settlement Agreement Regarding Police Use of Force The Department of Justice found in 2012 that the Portland Police Bureau was using excessive force against individuals with mental illness, and that there was unjustified use of Tasers by the police. There is now a settlement agreement between the city and Justice officials […]

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5-Year old Suffers Injury, Sues Ross Dress for Less Store

A five-year old boy suffered an injury after he put on a shoe that had a several inch metal spike in it.  The shoe had been purchased by his mother at Ross Dress for Less in Portland.  The spike was from a security tag the store used. The boy’s mother was unable to remove the […]

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Widow in UK Wins Legal Battle over Frozen Sperm

Beth Warren became a widow when her husband died from a brain tumor at the age of 32.  He had his sperm frozen before he started cancer treatment. He also signed a document stating that his wife could use the sperm after his death. However, the law requires that consent be renewed every two years.  Since […]

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Bicycle Falls off Car, and Results in Personal Injury Claim

In March 2012, Dawn Martin was driving on Interstate 5 when a bicycle fell off its rack in front of her, causing her to brake quickly.  She was then rear-ended. She has filed a lawsuit against both the driver behind her and the owner of bicycle.  She claims physical damages as a result of the […]

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Keeping Kids Safe in the Passenger Seat

A recent study done by the Center for Disease Control shows that child deaths in motor vehicle accidents has decreased from 2002 to 2011. With this news comes the reminder that even more lives could be saved if parents ensure that their children are properly restrained, even more lives could be saved. In the deaths […]

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Sharing the Road Rage in Portland Oregon

An incident recently in Portland is a reminder to everyone to keep emotions under control while on the road.  A bicyclist was struck by a driver, after the two exchanged hostile words and gestures. The bicyclist claims the driver was texting while driving and almost struck him as a result.  The two then went back […]

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