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The Basics on Auto Insurance Coverage in Oregon: From PIP to UIM

People who are injured in car accidents in Oregon may already know that an important factor in most cases is the extent of automobile or other insurance coverage available. If the car or truck accident caused serious head and back injuries and a legacy of medical expenses, a personal injury attorney can explain how¬†uninsured/underinsured motorist […]

Oregon Personal Injury Attorney

What to do When You’re in a Car Accident in Salem, OR – Part I

Every day in America, 90 people lose their lives due to traffic collisions. More than 250 individuals are injured every hour. If you have been involved in an automobile accident in Salem, Oregon, or anywhere in America, there are several important things that should be done at the accident scene and soon afterward. 1) Stop. […]

Oregon Personal Injury Attorney

Avoid the Insurance Lien Trap

Unrepresented parties with automobile accident claims often do not realize that they may be entitled to require their automobile insurance company to waive its right to recover for medical bills, and lost wages paid on behalf of the party. One of the most critical tasks in representing an injured person is to identify the insurance […]

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