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Zimmerman….Considering the Evidence

The most recent issue in the Trayvon Martin case is over expert testimony regarding voice identification.  This evidence is crucial to both side’s case, since the determination of whether Defendant George Zimmerman acted in self-defense could turn on the identification of the voices in the 911 call recording.  If expert testimony is able to establish […]

Personal Injury Attorney Salem Oregon

Zimmerman…Not Over Yet

Zimmerman Case May have a Future While the jury acquitted George Zimmerman, he might still face further prosecution. The United States Justice Department has announced that it has begun an investigation of the incident, and may pursue a civil rights action against Zimmerman. This action would require that intentional racism created the basis of Zimmerman’s […]

Personal Injury Attorney Salem Oregon

Yoga in P.E.: Exercise or Violation of Religious Freedom?

Yoga has become a popular form of exercise for many Americans in the past decade. Some school districts, such as the Encinitas School District in Southern California, have chosen to add yoga to their physical education program. But some parents view this as a violation of the separation of Church and State, given yoga’s root […]

Personal Injury Attorney Salem Oregon

Real Life Law & Order

Recently, a doctoral candidate at University of California has been looking into the potential effects of the popular television series “Law & Order” on the decisions of jurors. He has been looking into the impact that the show’s depiction of the justice system has on the public’s perception of evidence and other parts of a […]

Meet Our New Associate Attorney, Kirsten L. Adams

Attorney Lance D. Youd of Salem, Oregon welcomes to his firm a new associate attorney, Kirsten L. Adams.  Mrs. Adams attended Willamette University College of Law, in Salem, Oregon, and is a member of the Oregon State Bar.  Mrs Adams is excited to join the Law Offices of Lance D. Youd, due to its reputation […]

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