How do I simplify my Personal Injury Claim?

Injured? Need an Attorney? Lance Youd is a personal injury attorney based in Salem, Oregon. Youd Law focuses on making the process of receiving compensation for an automobile accident simple. Our clients hurt both physically and emotionally and need to conserve their time and energy to heal.  The idea of having to work through a […]

Getting To Know Your Personal Injury Attorney In Salem, Oregon – Lance YoudSurely, you have questions about a personal injury case. Lance has answers.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident or were hurt in a car collision, everything around you might seem overwhelming and difficult to process.  Trying, at the same time, to understand and address the legal issues surrounding an insurance claim and potential lawsuit will seem nearly impossible to process.  You do not have […]

Oregon Personal Injury Attorney

What to do When You’re in a Car Accident in Salem, OR – Part I

Every day in America, 90 people lose their lives due to traffic collisions. More than 250 individuals are injured every hour. If you have been involved in an automobile accident in Salem, Oregon, or anywhere in America, there are several important things that should be done at the accident scene and soon afterward. 1) Stop. […]

Car Accident Lawyer

Personal Injury Basics, Part 1: PIP

Every profession has its alphabet soup of acronyms, and personal injury attorneys are certainly no exception to that rule. Today we will be talking about one of the terms most frequently used by accident lawyers, doctors, and insurance company claims representatives when they talk about drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians involved in auto accidents: that […]

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