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Holiday Safety: The Legal Consequences of Driving Impaired

If the possibility of harming yourself or others is not enough incentive, you could also face life changing legal consequences when you choose to drink and drive. Oregon has an implied consent law, meaning that by driving in Oregon you imply that you consent to a breath, blood or urine test. Drivers over 21 years […]

Holiday Safety: Decorate with Care

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that there were over 15,000 holiday decorating injuries in November and December 2012. This was the fourth consecutive year where these numbers have increased. These injuries range from falls off ladders to stepping on broken ornaments. Here are some safety tips from the USCPSC to keep you […]

Holiday Safety: Shopping for Safe Toys

With the holiday season often comes toy shopping. When you’re out looking for toys for the little ones this year, remember to keep safety precautions in mind. The Consumer Product Safety Commission, US Customs and Border Patrol are all on the look out for dangerous toys entering the US market. However, even a safe toy […]

Car Accident Lawyer in Salem

Drunk Driving Portland Oregon

Drunk Driving: A Problem at All Levels On New Year’s Eve, a DHS worker was arrested for drunk driving. She failed a field sobriety test and was found to have a blood alcohol level of three times the legal limit. She claimed that she was on call at the time and was responding to a […]

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The Importance of Hiring Personal Injury Attorneys in Salem, Oregon

The Importance of Hiring Personal Injury Attorneys in Salem, Oregon More than 30 citations were issued and one arrest made during a pedestrian safety enforcement operation in Beaverton on Nov. 6. Beaverton police patrolled Southwest Hall Boulevard and Broadway Street between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. to raise awareness and enforce pedestrian right of way […]

Car Accident Lawyer in Salem

Local Hit and Run Offers a Lesson about Drinking and Driving

Police have found through their investigation of a hit and run in Vancouver last week, that the suspect was a repeat drunk driver. This information was reported by neighbors of the suspect. This time, there are serious consequences. Two women were killed when they were hit but a truck turning left through an intersection. The […]

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Daydreaming Behind the Wheel: An Actual Nightmare

A recent study done by Eerie Insurance company showed that of the 10% of fatal accidents caused by distracted driving, 62% of these were a result of daydreaming. Daydreaming is as dangerous as texting and driving, or talking on the phone while driving. Although you might have both hands on the wheel, taking your mind […]

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Teens as Distracted Pedestrians

Teenage pedestrians tend to be the most distracted pedestrians. According to the organization Safe Kids Worldwide, one in five high school aged pedestrians were distracted while crossing the street. These distractions range from headphones playing music, to texting and talking on the phone. Also according to Safe Kids, teenagers between 16-years and 19-years of age […]

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The Driveway Danger Zone

While driveways may seem boring and commonplace to adults, they can be wide open spaces for play in the eyes of little ones. With lots of space for toys and places to hide for hide-and-seek, the driveway can seem like the perfect place to play. Because of this enticement factor, we as adults need to […]

Car Accident Lawyer Salem Oregon

Be Careful While You Walk

While the dangers of vehicles are clear when we are in one, vehicles pose an even greater threat to pedestrians. According to the Center for Disease Control, every 24 hours,460 people are treated in emergency rooms for traffic-related pedestrian injuries. Also, every two hours, a pedestrian will die from such injuries. Given these frightening statistics, […]

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