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Sharing the Road Rage in Portland Oregon

An incident recently in Portland is a reminder to everyone to keep emotions under control while on the road.  A bicyclist was struck by a driver, after the two exchanged hostile words and gestures. The bicyclist claims the driver was texting while driving and almost struck him as a result.  The two then went back […]

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Personal Injury Attorneys in Salem, Oregon: Seeking Just Compensation

Bicyclists face no small amount of danger on U.S. roadways. According to, crashes involving bicyclists rose from 666 in 2007 to 962 in 2011 within the state alone. While no law yet exists in Oregon that specifically governs the safety of bicyclists, the state’s Department of Transportation nonetheless has a Bicyclist Safety Program in […]

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Domestic Violence in Washington County leads to Attempted Murder Charge

A man has been charged with attempted murder, after he brutally beat and attempted to strangle his girlfriend in a rural part of Washington County. The girlfriend attempted to run at one point, but he dragged her back to the house.  When she attempted to hide in the bathroom, he broke down the door.  He repeatedly […]

Children Dressed Up for Tick-or-Treat

Dangers of Inflatable Bounce Houses

Two children are recovering, after falling two stories when an inflatable house went airborne in South Glen Falls, New York.  The house was lifted fifteen to twenty feet in the air by a large gust of wind.  The bounce house was manufactured by Little Tikes, which is now investigating the accident.     As we enter […]

Country Driving: Cyclists

Another hazard on country roads can be motorcyclists or bicyclists. Both groups enjoy riding on these more deserted roads for the view and peacefulness. For cyclists, watch for groups. If you see one cyclist on the road, you will likely see others ahead. Give them space when passing. For motorcyclists, they may move around within […]

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Country Driving: Passing and Overtaking

On country roads, you may find yourself behind a slow car or piece of farm equipment. In this instance, you may want to pass the vehicle. Before you start to pass the other vehicle, make sure that you have checked for how far ahead you will end your overtaking. Also, confirm that there is no […]

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The Power of Cell Phones In Trial

The power of using cell phones for evidence in a personal injury case has revolutionized settlement results. Not only are cell phones powerful by using video and photo for proof of the accident and injuries sustained, they also help in urgent situations by being able to quickly call for help notifying 911. It is also critical to […]

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The Deadliest Accident In History

The deadliest accident in the history of New York’s Metro-North railroad killed six people this past week.  Investigators of the accident are looking for answers as to who was at fault.  Again, the use of modern technology will help with this investigation in resolving who was at fault in this accident.  Highway signals, the train, […]

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Fatal Five Causes of Most Traffic Accidents

The fatal five causes of most traffic accidents become heightened during spring break:  People are not in their normal routine of driving; and more teens will be driving with vacation on their mind, potentially creating a more distracted driver. Be cautious and be aware of the fatal five causes for accidents according to KTVZ. Drivers […]

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Higher Risk of Being in a Single Car Accident in Oregon

The Highway Safety Research and Commission has collected automobile accident statistics for 2013 revealing that there are safe driving measures that if followed, will decrease your risk of being in a fatal crash. Those safe driving measures include driving the speed limit, wearing your seat belt, and not driving while intoxicated, which are obvious safety precautions.  […]

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