Parent Walking Child to School

Walk in Safety by wearing reflective, white, or light colored clothing.

A local pedestrian died while walking Market Street in Salem, Oregon in the early evening hours January 6th, 2015.  Michael Crossland was taking his daily walk with his wife, when the two were struck by a truck and seriously injured at the scene of the accident.  Mr.Crossland succumbed to his injuries. It may seem safe […]

Personal Injury Wet Floor Slip

Salem, Oregon Personal Injury Attorney: Handling Slip and Fall Cases

Research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows over a million Americans hurt themselves by tripping or slipping. In fact, falls are the leading cause of non-fatal injuries in the country. Furthermore, these accidents are responsible for roughly 8.9 million visits to emergency room throughout the U.S. With the risks present in slip […]

Children Dressed Up for Tick-or-Treat

Have a Safe Halloween: Costumes

With Halloween just around the corner, many children and adults are planning their costumes. The Center for Disease Control has issued some instructions on how to plan a safe costume: Check any make-up on a small portion of skin, such as the back of your hand, before applying it to your whole face, in case […]

Children Dressed Up for Tick-or-Treat

5Safe Halloween Tipsto Have a Safe Time Trick or Treating

Now that you know about safe costumes, it’s important also to focus on safety while trick or treating.  The Center for Disease Control issued these tips: (1) Reflective Material Attach reflective material to your costume or bag so that drivers will be able to see you. (2) Flashlight Carry a flashlight so that you can […]

Child with Toy and Dog

Train Safety: Children and Trains

A tragic train accident occurred last week, when a young boy with autism was walking on the tracks near Brooks, Oregon.  He was struck and killed by a train headed south.  Sadly, another accident very similar to this one occurred on the same date in 2013. This tragedy reminds us in the community to educate […]

Car Accident Salem Oregon

Train Safety: Keeping Drivers Safe

We all can use reminders about train safety, especially since one wrong move can be the difference between life and death. Trains always have the right of way, even over emergency vehicles. Freight trains don’t run on set schedules and scheduled passenger trains can change. So you should be prepared to encounter a train at […]

Oregon Personal Injury Attorney

Legal Eagle: Hire a Salem, Oregon Attorney for Personal Injury Cases

An incident that causes personal injuries can cost you a lot of aggravation and pain beyond the physical. An automobile accident, for instance, can result in various physical injuries from benign wounds to more severe ones like fractures from the whiplash effect. If you’re the victim of an accident, you’ll want the help of a […]

Personal Injury Depression

Domestic Violence: How the Law can Help

If you or your children are victims of domestic violence, there are several legal options available to protect you. The first is a restraining order. To obtain a restraining order, you must file an application where you state what abuse you have suffered or why you are concerned for your safety. This is then presented […]

Personal Injury Depression

Domestic Violence: What can we do?

In Oregon in 2013, there were 34 individuals who lost their lives as a result of domestic violence. Sixty-four percent of these victims were women. What can we do to keep more of these tragedies from occurring? One major thing that can be done is to increase education about domestic violence. Understanding what domestic violence […]

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Brother allows younger brother to drive drunk, lawsuit filed after motorcyclist killed

A man in Happy Valley, Oregon called his brother to bring him his spare set of keys, after he was unable to find his. The brother arrived with his keys and gave them to his brother, who was visibly intoxicated. They then agreed to race home. On the drive home, the intoxicated driver ran a […]

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