Personal Injury Wet Floor Slip

Media’s Treatment of Personal Injury Lawsuits

Media Report As a self-governing profession, the legal field is bound by rules of professional conduct. One such rule prohibits attorneys from bringing frivolous lawsuits, in an attempt to decrease lawsuits that cause financial harm and emotional stress to other parties without having a basis in the law. Lawyers are obligated to follow these rules […]

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Increases in Motorcycle Accidents – Take Extra Care this Summer!

  As the sun comes out and the weather warms up, more and more motorcyclists will be taking to the roads. The Governors Highway Safety Administration recently released statistics revealing an increase in motorcycle fatalities in 2012. The GHSA points to several factors that contributed to this increase. One is the decrease in the number […]

Parent Walking Child to School

Safety Tips for a New School Year

As parents and children prepare for the new school year, it is important to remember certain safety tips that may have gone by the wayside in relaxed summer months.  As a personal injury and family law firm, the best interests and safety of children are close to our heart.  Review the list in the article […]

Parent Walking Child to School

Have a Pool? Protect Yourself.

“Pool hopping” is an increasingly popular trend among teenagers. It refers to teens trespassing and gaining access to public and private swimming pools. However, this summer trend can easily cause injuries to the trespassing teens. In one such case, a teen jumped into a swimming pool, unaware that it had been drained for maintenance. This […]

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Elderly Driving: Knowing When to Stop

When individuals reach a certain age, their driving abilities change.  Due to such changes, they are a higher risk for accidents.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2011, individuals over the age of 65 made up 17% of traffic fatalities and 8% of all individuals injured in traffic crashes.  The video below, […]

Death of a Loved One

PIP Benefit: Financial Help With Funeral Expenses

The last thing that someone wants to discuss is what happens if a death occurs from an unexpected accident. Reading this now and knowing ahead of time that if an accident takes the life of a loved one there is PIP compensation. This will give comfort to those that are mourning the loss of a […]

Man on Crutches Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Personal injury is a general term used to describe an area of law that relates specifically to the representation of individuals who have been physically and/or emotionally hurt by the actions of others. Personal injury means a hurt or pain done to a man’s or woman’s person, such as a cut, bruise, broken limb, strains […]

Man on Crutches Personal Injury

Automobile Injuries

Immediately after being injured in an automobile accident, you are thrown into an adversarial legal system that is complex and confusing. While you are still receiving initial treatment for your injuries in a hospital emergency room, frequently the party at fault has already notified their insurance company of the accident. The insurance company has a […]

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Medical Malpractice

If you have been injured due to the negligence of a medical practitioner (doctor, hospital, nurse, etc,) you need to contact the Law Office of Lance D. Youd. Our team of qualified personal injury litigation professionals have the experience and resources to successfully prosecute Medical Malpractice claims. Medical Malpractice cases are very complex, expensive to […]

Car Accident Lawyer

Personal Injury Basics, Part 1: PIP

Every profession has its alphabet soup of acronyms, and personal injury attorneys are certainly no exception to that rule. Today we will be talking about one of the terms most frequently used by accident lawyers, doctors, and insurance company claims representatives when they talk about drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians involved in auto accidents: that […]

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