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Don’t Break the Bank….Just Yet! use your PIP

What is PIP? If you are injured in an accident, there is money to cover your medical bills. Read this week for 5 tips in 5 days! If you or a loved one has been in an automobile accident, there is probably insurance available to immediately cover medical bills, lost wage, child care, lost ability to […]

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PIP Benefits: Day 1, Tip 1

You have $15,000.00 by OREGON Law from your Insurance. Get help if you have been INJURED in an Auto Accident. DAY 1 TIP 1 Medical Expenses:  Oregon law requires PIP benefits to cover reasonable and necessary expenses of medical, hospital, dental, surgical, ambulance and prosthetic services incurred within one year after the date of the […]

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PIP Benefits: Day 2, Tip 2

Accident Victims have legal rights to get their Bills Paid Get help if you have been injured in an auto accident. DAY 2 TIP 2 Lost Wage/Loss of Income:  Oregon law requires PIP Benefits to cover 70% of lost income during the period a person is for medical reasons unable to work, if the disability […]

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PIP Even Covers Child Care

PIP helps with Childcare While you Recover from an Automobile Accident DAY 3 TIP 3 Child Care:  Oregon law requires PIP benefits to cover up to $25.00 per day for child care expenses, if a person is hospitalized for more that a 24-hour period and is not usually employed.  The maximum benefit allowed under PIP […]

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PiP pays for Daily Chores!

Chores and Injuries do not Mix Day 4 Tip 4   Lost Ability to Fulfill Household Chores/Essential Services:  Oregon law requires PIP benefits to cover up to $30.00 per day for expenses reasonably incurred for essential services during the period of the injured person’s disability.  The person claiming these benefits must not have been regularly […]

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Keeping the Speed Down

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding is involved in one third of all fatal auto accidents. There are over 13,000 lives lost due to speeding accidents each year. It takes an economic toll as well: speeding related accidents cost society about $40 billion annually, according to the National Safety Council. While drivers […]

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Protect Yourself from Aggressive Drivers

Aggressive drivers are not just frustrating, they are dangerous. Aggressive driving, as defined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, encompasses more than just the obvious tailgating and road rage. It also includes distracted driving, like eating while behind the wheel, and speeding. The link below provides information from the NHTSA about how to recognize […]

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Hit by a Drunk Driver? Contact a Salem, Oregon Attorney Immediately

There’s a good reason why motorists are cautioned against drinking and driving. Alcohol can impair your vision, reduce your reaction time, and cause you to fall asleep behind the wheel. As this article from The Register Guard reports, ignoring this maxim can make driving a serious hazard: “A 30-year-old Springfield man was charged with drunken […]

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Holiday Safety: Don’t Drink and Drive

Don’t drink and drive is a common refrain heard around this time of year. With holiday parties and other events, some individuals are more tempted to drink and drive now than at other times of the year. If you or someone you know thinks about getting behind the wheel after a few drinks, keep these […]

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Holiday Safety: When are you at the legal limit?

When you reach the legal limit for alcohol while driving depends on a variety of factors. It can be impacted by the length of time in between drinks, the number of drinks, your weight and height, and many other factors. Below you will find a link to a Blood Alcohol Concentration chart. This is purely […]

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