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Child support payment amounts are based on guidelines approved by the state legislature and the Department of Justice. These guidelines determine the amount of money each parent should contribute to the child’s care. The amount determined is only an estimate, however, and doesn’t always take extenuating circumstances and other issues into account. Therefore, a circuit court judge or administrative law judge has the final authority to determine the final amount of a child support order.

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As a marriage comes to an end, it can be an extremely emotional time — a dangerous time to make far-reaching decisions. You’ll need an experienced, level-headed attorney in your corner to protect your rights and help you with the support negotiations.

What the Different Types Mean

A wide variety of factors are taken into account when determining the amount of spousal support that’s awarded. These include the length of the marriage, income, income potential of both parties, and the lifestyle enjoyed during the marriage.

Spousal Maintenance — Usually ordered for longer-term marriages and not something the courts will easily modify later on. If either spouse has health issues or one spouse is not easily employable, spousal support will most likely be required in some amount.

Transitional — Quite common and more easily modified. This type of support is normally ordered for shorter durations. The payments are often used to help a non-working or less highly compensated spouse transition back into the workforce and become financially self-sufficient.

Compensatory — Used when one spouse has contributed heavily, without being paid, to the other spouse’s ability to develop a career, and has therefore been placed in a financially disadvantaged position. Examples include one spouse putting the other through school, helping the other spouse start a business, or even staying home to take care of the household while the other spouse works.

No matter the type of support, many factors should be considered in determining the amounts and duration of spousal support. A skilled divorce attorney can be invaluable in determining fair and accurate amounts and duration. At the law firm of Lance D. Youd, Attorney at Law, it’s our goal to accurately identify and address your financial needs. Contact us today.

Three Categories of Spousal Support

  • Maintenance
  • Transitional
  • Compensatory


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