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Commercial Accidents
That CDL Doesn't Make Them Safe

Were you recently in an accident that involved a commercial vehicle? This type of accident can be quite a bit different than accidents that involve only personal vehicles.

We often assume that professional drivers are better at driving because it’s what they do for a living. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. In fact, commercial drivers are often more dangerous because they’re encouraged to meet unrealistic goals to make more money. That means the guy in control of that truck, train, commercial vessel, or airplane may be exhausted and, as a result, extremely dangerous.

Another thing that can make recovering damages in an accident with a commercial vehicle more difficult is that the insurance companies often have teams of lawyers who specialize in minimizing compensatory payouts. It can be extremely difficult to get a fair settlement after you’ve been involved in a commercial accident. The biggest mistake you can make is to try to go it alone in court.


Are you thinking of taking a commercial driver or freight company to court for compensation after an accident? That’s probably a bad idea — unless you have experienced representation. Freight companies have teams of high-dollar insurance lawyers in their back pockets. If you’ve been injured in a commercial vehicle accident, attorney Lance D. Youd has the experience you need to negotiate a fair and just settlement. If negotiations don’t result in a favorable outcome, we’ll take your case to court to obtain the jury award you deserve for a complete recovery.

Attorney Lance D. Youd has helped his clients in Salem, Portland, and the Willamette Valley area get full and fair compensation for their injuries. He works hard to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible. All personal injury cases are taken on a contingency basis — this means that Mr. Youd is paid only when he successfully negotiates a monetary settlement or wins a judgement on your behalf.

Commercial Accidents Differ from Automobile Accidents

  • Commercial vehicles are larger than other vehicles on the road
  • Nearly 4000 people die in large truck crashes each year - driver fatigue is a leading factor
  • Freight organizations employ specialized legal teams to minimize compensatory payouts in the event of an accident
  • Commercial vehicles are subject to legal requirements that often do not apply to personal vehicles

This is a token of thanks. I couldn’t have settled without your help. Now is a chance for the kids and I to heal and move forward. (a win-win for all) ! BIG THANKS!! I am so grateful and Thank you!

Medelia Jordan

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