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A Decade Later and Rick Springfield Comes Out On Top

Rick Springfield Wins Lawsuit

A decade later and Rick Springfield comes out on top in the lawsuit claiming his “buttock” fell on a fan, Vicki Calcagno, causing her a life time of suffering with seizures.  Springfield testified that he did not fall on Calcagno and without witnesses, photos, or video the jury deliberated for just one hour and concluded that Springfield was not liable for Calcagno’s injuries.

In today’s world of smart phones, cases such as this might very well have photographic or video evidence to help support the parties’ claims.  The use of cellular telephones has greatly increased the evidence available in many court proceedings.  With the majority adults and children carrying cellular devices there is a much greater chance that a case like Springfield’s may have never gone to trial.

If you are involved in an accident and are injured, take video and photographs as soon as possible to support your claims. Contact Lance Youd Law firm for the best attorney in Salem, Oregon and get the support you need with your case.

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