Accidents Involving Motorcycles
Keep Your Eye on the Road, We'll Watch Out for Your Rights

Have you or a family member been injured in an auto accident or motorcycle accident in Salem, Oregon? You are not alone. Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at the Youd Law Firm in Salem, Oregon. We handle all auto accident claims, including:

Riding a motorcycle makes going anywhere more fun. The feeling of freedom you get from riding a bike is unlike anything you can feel in a car. Unfortunately, motorcycles are much more difficult to see and they provide very little protection in an accident. So, as a motorcycle rider, you have to pay close attention to what the drivers around you are doing. Even then, accidents can be unavoidable.

If you’ve been injured while riding your motorcycle and it’s someone else’s fault, you need an experienced attorney to protect your rights. Put your trust in Salem, Oregon attorney Lance D. Youd. Mr. Youd has represented hundreds of clients in your position, and he knows how to protect your rights to get you fair compensation for your injuries and your time away from work.


At the law firm of personal injury attorney Lance D. Youd, we perform a meticulous investigation to uncover any inconsistencies or evidence that may have been missed in the accident reports. We identify and interview witnesses, gather and analyze evidence, and perform a thorough review of your case. We use all of this information to create an effective strategy, then aggressively pursue the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Attorney Lance D. Youd has helped his clients in Salem, Portland, and the Willamette Valley area get full and fair compensation for their injuries. He works hard to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible. All personal injury cases are taken on a contingency basis — this means that Mr. Youd is paid only when he successfully negotiates a monetary settlement or wins a judgment on your behalf.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

  • Motorcycles are smaller & harder for drivers to see
  • Driver distractions include in-dash DVD players, GPS devices, & cell phones
  • Motorcycles offer almost no protection for the operator


Thank you so much for all your hard work and your professionalism.  You always helped me understand what was going on and kept me informed.  This helped the whole process go a lot easier.

Laurie Pedlar October 2016


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